The Value of Caring in Changing the System

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In 2015, I was approached by the Board of Directors to do something with our newly established secondary school. The BOD didn’t want the school to be just another school. Not only designing the school to accommodate the Khalifah Method that our late Prof Muhammad Al’Mahdi Jenkins left as his legacy but also to make ….  Read More

My 4th Erasmus in Schools

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Erasmus in Schools is a nationwide programme aimed at all Erasmus students, international exchange and degree students and Erasmus+ volunteers interested in visiting local schools during their stay in Finland. It is a great way to add meaning to one’s Finnish experience by getting to know Finnish culture and schools. International students will present their ….  Read More

Memanfaatkan Setiap Peranti Apple di Dalam Ekosistemnya

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Mengusik pengguna iPhone memang satu keseronokan terutamanya dengan budaya trolling yang subur di media sosial. Mereka yang setia dengan iPhone diejek sebagai pentaksub, terutamanya dengan fenomena tidak masuk akal geng yang pantang keluar model baru, sanggup beratur malam ke siang. Terasa seperti iPhone vs alam semesta.   Saya memakai iPhone pertama adalah pada tahun 2010 ….  Read More

Interactive Reading for Web Pages

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If you own an iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil, or any models of iPad and stylus including your own finger, you can read articles more effectively. On Safari browser, convert the article into pdf, then export the file to Notability. In Notability, you can highlight, make notes, basically interact with the text.  I created ….  Read More