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Being a Muslim and Youth Today is Tough

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Recently, Jeremy contacted me and asked 5 questions. I think those questions are important and my response might be useful for him and you. So here I share my thought on the questions Jeremy asked. May Allah guide and protect us all, amin.

What are the visible struggle or problem that ustaz think the Muslim youth in this century face?

Based on that problem, what do ustaz think is the best approach in handling it – how can the youth overcome it?

What can Muslim youth do with each other to develop and become better khalifah on earth?

If a Muslim youth is struggling with istiqomah, what are the things need to get straight first and how can they maintain the motivation to do istiqomah?

If a Muslim youth was once pious and a practicing Muslim, but down the road they went astray, what advice can we give them to reroute themselves into the straight path?

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