Learning and Its Future

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Sir Ken Robinson in his book, Creative Schools says:  Learning is the process of acquiring new knowledge and skills. Human beings are highly curious learning organisms. From the moment they’re born, young children have a voracious appetite for learning. For too many, that appetite starts to dull as they go through school. Keeping it alive ….  Read More

Ramadan and Schooling

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This is our third Ramadan in Finland. Each year, there’s always something new we learn from the experience. This year, most Ramadan is taking place while school is still open. 2km each way walking from home to school, it is tough. Being among the small minority at school, they have to face many challenges. Our ….  Read More

Problems With Our School System

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We are now moving from the industrial to the information age which challenges the basic idea of current mass schooling. Globalization, new technologies, and changing demands both at work and elsewhere present individuals, communities, and societies with problems that can only be resolved by reforming systems of education and schooling (Ng & Renshaw, 2009). It ….  Read More