Responsibility Before Falling in Love

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Today’s reality allows teenagers to think they are free to fall in love at any time they want.

In our house, my rule is children need to learn to take responsibility before anything else.

You participate in cleaning your bed, room and our house. Help me when you see me doing something that having extra hands means that you care.

Love does not exist without responsibility. Remember that.

You don’t take care your other half and future kids with empty words. It is not even safe to get married and having kids if you don’t know the baseline of what you should do.

There is a Turkish proverb saying, “arslan yatağından bellidir” means, “a lion is known from his or her bed!” Meaning, you have nothing to be proud of yourself if you can’t even take care of your own bed.

I love my children unconditionally. But my love comes with also my responsibility to make sure you all learn about this.

I am a teacher, a student of learning sciences and familiar with research around those areas. I see education not as your pathway to one day becoming a doctor, engineer, lawyer or entrepreneur. You can be whatever you wanna be in your future. But education means I am making sure you have all the 21st century skills which are all for your own survival as future husbands, future wives, future dads and moms, well basically, future useful adults.

I befriend you but I am not your friend. I am your parent. My duty is not only to love you, but also to raise you as someone lovable. No one loves irresponsible adults.

I believe one day you will understand, even when I am no longer around.

Oulu Finland

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