The Value of Caring in Changing the System

In 2015, I was approached by the Board of Directors to do something with our newly established secondary school. The BOD didn’t want the school to be just another school.


Nurturing the Culture of Thinking

Assalamualaikum. Today, I removed all the marker pens, whiteboards and computer. We put aside all the tables and arranged our chairs in U shape. I sat together with them, to


Metacognition: Learning How You Learn

It was my first class for this new semester. I am assisting Mr. Amin to teach Study Skills to our new students. They were the eldest last year in primary


Improving the Way We Praise Good Behaviour

source¬† “Dad, today I got my examination result. I got 70%” Ahmad told his father when he got into the car. “Awesome. I love you” daddy replied. “Hmm… did he

KMSS, Reflection

The Bloom’s Taxonomy of Hijrah

Bloom’s Taxonomy “First, share what you remember from the Hijrah. Its the who, where and when.” I told my students. This is the most basic part of the forum. Panelists


Building a Learner-Centered Course Outline

“The Malay paper for IGCSE is quite simple. So, I develop the course outline based on what I believe is needed for the students, beyond IGCSE’s requirement. But I found


From Parenting to Schooling

I embarked my involvement with education as a concerned parent. When my eldest son entered his first grade I saw how tremendously the schooling experience changed him within the first