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Educational Project Spring 2017: Digital Signage for School

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Educational technology equipment requires a plan consists of pedagogical and technical scripts to guide the implementation of technology-enhanced learning. We, therefore, intend to provide a solution by constructing a guidebook for teachers in developing content for school’s digital signage. The project involves concepts of creative collaboration and co-designing in a framework of 21st-century education, to ….  Read More

Self Regulated Learning to Transform Teacher Centered Setting

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In Khalifah Model School (Secondary), when we transformed the school system from teacher-centered essentialism to student-centered progressivism, we believed that this transformation will help to save our students from being victimised by public education that concentrates a lot on low order thinking skills, mainly memorising and understanding. The transformation involved a lot of different approaches ….  Read More

Getting to Know the Collaborative Learning

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Learning, Education and Technology (LET) program is built on three major themes and they are (i) collaborative learning (ii) self regulated learning, and (iii) learning of expertise. During this first one month of the program, we had several sessions to make ourselves familiar with collaborative learning. Hany Hachem helped us a lot introducing the concept. Instead ….  Read More

My Journey to Oulu

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After completing Helsinki Summer School in 2015, I had a strong feeling towards Finnish education system. The course intensively introduced us to the system, and we were fortunate enough to spend a day in Puistolan Peruskoulu, meeting teachers, pupils and the leadership team in that comprehensive school. I graduated from the course with a strong determination ….  Read More