Islamic Education

The Importance of Education in My Religion

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Every month, our interfaith dialogue concentrates on specific theme. Sharing from audience should be based on his or her individual understanding and interpretation of the subject.

Last month we chatted about religious education and it turned up into focusing on formal religious education in school setting. We loved and learned a lot from each other, but we decided to bring again the subject but this time it should emphasise on how our religion positions education and learning.

Coincidently, I had several lessons to conduct in a Finnish school 30km north of Oulu. I wasn’t sure if I can reach the event on time. As my back up plan, I decided to record a short vlog about the subject.

I referred to three groups of verses from the Quran that I consider as the source of my framework:

  1. Chapter 96 verse 1-5 (al-‘Alaq : 1-5)
  2. Chapter 47 verse 19 (Muhammad : 19)
  3. Chapter 2 verse 30-33 (al-Baqarah : 30-33)

Oulu Finland