Teaching With Movies

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This year, I will try to choose at least 10 movies for #KMSS students to watch. It will be good for their Social-Emotional Learning. Each month the school will emphasize a different value, such as sportsmanship, friendship, respect or honesty. I will discuss with teachers several movies that related to the monthly topic. For assessment and to obtain extra credit, students would watch one of the movies with their families, talk briefly about the film, and submit a written response to one of three discussion questions posed by the teachers.

Sample assignments could be something like:

(1) Sportsmanship and Friendship: Cool Runnings, Brian’s Song, and Angels in the Outfield;

(2) Respect: Captains Courageous, Boystown, and To Kill A Mockingbird;

(3) Character growth through taking responsibility for your own actions: Quiz Show and The Miracle Worker

I hope our students will be excited about the project and talk about the films with each other.

I was accused by many several years ago when a tv drama based on my real story did not meet the people’s expectation. It was an attempt and what if… 10 years from now, we have brilliant talented young and faithful directors from our graduate, who can interprete the aesthetic of life at its best?

I believe many of our students are among the visual learners. It is a duty for us to help them discover their talent.