School Philosophy: KMSS

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Our School Philosophy

All aspects of Khalifah Model School’s life will run according to the full Khalifah Method. This will include a unified curriculum for the revealed knowledge and scientific knowledge delivered using the modern Islamic psychology based on the Law of Learning by which all human characteristics develop. The Khalifah Method relies heavily on the style of interaction with and training of children according to the tradition of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The positive benefits of this warm and loving, although firm, method of relating to children will be maximized by directing all communication with children according to the Laws of Learning, given to us as a Mercy by Allah to enable us to guide ourselves and others toward all that Allah has told us is right in the Islamic way of life.


To be a premier school in utilising Khalifah Method in raising children to become excellent Muslims.


To shape children towards excellence,

Highly motivated to learn,

Choose to do good,

Help others become good,

Keeping the physical world good, pleasing to Allah.



Perfect Self, Society and Physical World

Enjoin right and forbid wrong

Beautiful words and wisdom

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