Interactive Reading for Web Pages

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If you own an iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil, or any models of iPad and stylus including your own finger, you can read articles more effectively.

On Safari browser, convert the article into pdf, then export the file to Notability. In Notability, you can highlight, make notes, basically interact with the text.  I created this tutorial video using iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Keynote, Notability and Viva Video Pro.


Ebooks are not the replacement for printed books. They come to serve specific needs which are not necessarily similar to the reasons why people read printed books. Reading digital materials requires us to become active readers, interacting with the text and not simply reading it passively. Otherwise, we will find our selves flying all over the place not knowing what we read because the mind tends to ‘scan’ rather than ‘read’.

Oulu FI