Islamic Education

21st Century Education From Prophetic Example

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In this narration, which tells us about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his students in the words of Malik bin al-Huwairith (r.a), Muhammad was concluded by his student as a teacher with love and passion, easy to deal with, he was not only concerned with the subject, but sensitive enough to the students’ state of emotion, showed genuine interest to know the details, the students trusted him to share their personal matters, and he responded amazingly acknowledging the needs without belittling them.

He assigned them with self-directed learning, shared with them some guidelines for self-regulation, co-regulation, empowered the students by convincing them to discuss among themselves who to call the prayer, and who will lead the prayer.

An amazing example how many of the core elements in 21st-century education, can be found in a nearly 1500 years old example.

All this while, we concentrate too much on WHAT to learn, overlooking HOW, WHEN, and even WHY.

This does not only raise a question how different the way the early generation of Muslim learnt about Islam with their grand teacher as compared to our current experience in learning (learning religion using the very dry, technical, overwhelming vocabularies), but also few more critical questions to be answered.

How did all those pearls of wisdom disappear from our education?

What can we do to improve, not only the religious education but the education as a whole?

LET, Oulu FI

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