Personalised Learning Begins at Home

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“What do you think about your future? Frankly, I never seen someone at your age, can draw as beautiful and as detailed as what you do” I told my daughter.

Her academic is not yet, as good as her brother. But her talent, skills and hard work on drawing are great. And she is good at it. I want my daughter to know that I sincerely admire her ability and I don’t want her academic subjects overshadow her speciality.

“I want to become an artist. A painter!” she replied.

“That is good. I have an opinion. In our country, there are not many people who can sustain their life being artists selling paintings. They are great and world class artists but our society are still not in love with arts as we want. We need to educate them, so they will pay good money for high class masterpiece. You can use your skills in many ways. Even digital” I tried to broaden her perspective.

“I want to open a school camp teaching children painting!” she said.

I was surprised. I did not expect that.

“Wow, that is a good idea. You know, opening a school camp is a business. You cannot rely only your skills on painting. You should continue to learn subjects like mathematics, accounting, not with the intention to get A’s in the examinations. But you need that to run a business.” I said to her.

She understood.

“Ok, let say I want to send my children to your school camp. How do you convince me that the camp is good and you are a good instructor?” I continued with my questions.

“I will show you my works. You will see my paintings and you will want your children to do the same” she replied. Firmly.

“Oh, okay. That is good. But what if during the school camp, the participants create trouble, fighting each other. What will you do?” I tried to provoke her to strengthen her plan.

“I will reverse my class. Instead of teaching them the easy one first, I will give them the hardest!” she explained.

“Why? Why do you think that is a good idea?” I wanted to know.

“They fight each other because they are not calm. When you paint, you feel peaceful. I will give them the hardest ones so they will focus and the peacefulness will stop them from fighting” she told me.

I admired my daughter’s idea.

“I am happy to hear that. You convinced me that you are a good planner and I want you to know that I am always with you to support your journey. I want to suggest you to get some experience first” I said.

“I think so. I should work with famous artists first. See how they run their business, how they handle their school camp. Then I will get some ideas” my daughter expressed her thought.

“Awesome. But if you want to work with others, you like all of us, must adjust our behaviour. We should listen more, try to cooperate and when we disagree with something, do not run away, but learn to deal with it. And be more humble in receiving orders” I advised her, considering her strong character that is not so easy to work with others.

She agreed.

We arrived home and I will always remember the conversation that afternoon. I hope to continue to become a good and supportive father, and treat my kids individually because each of them has different character and unique. I believe the same with my students at school. Our task is to help them find their potential and help them to pun everything into proper plan.

That is what I would call, a learning, a real education.