Teach Less, Learn More!

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Algebra was already taught in Primary School. Proverbs were already part of Malay Language syllabus when our children were only 8 years old; age when abstract thinking was still distance away from the proper cognitive to understand metaphore. Mubtada’ and khabar which the teachers used to learn when they were in Secondary School, are now already introduced in Primary School. And yet our students still don’t speak Arabic, as many wish.

We glorify quantity.

We believe that the more our children are taught, the better they will be. We acknowledge that our physiology needs proper dosage for medicine and food but our brain can suck anything fed at any age.

Our students are over taught.

If we are brave enough, being teachers and educators at an independent school (rather than ‘private’ school), we can create our own syllabus.

This is what we did today.

KMSS teachers gathered in a two days workshop to design our syllabus using Khalifah Method. Accurate world view, positive and motivating, with proper law of learning.

Our teachers studied the syllabus for IGCSE and SPM, and they distributed all the topics and subtopics independently, with the mission to make our students understand, futuristic enough to see how and where the knowledge is going to be applied in ‘real world’. We use the term assessment rather than examination, and marks are accumulated from mid term and final assessment, groups’ project, individual effort, and level of participation.

Three new subjects are designed to strengthen the Hifz; Tajwid, Qiraat and Tarannum. Another new elective subject will be offered; Fiqh Islami and Contemporary World, to compliment 4 core Fiqh subjects involving Fiqh Ibadat, Fiqh Muamalat and Fiqh Munakahat.


The concept is “teach less, learn more!”

Congratulations dear teachers.

I am amazed with the way they proposed their lesson plan. I am very optimistic with 2015 Curriculum Transformation for KMSS.

Insha-Allah He will always guide and bless us, ameen.